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Annual Meeting Home

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting is interactive and participation-based. Industry experts and leaders host rich discussions that reveal powerful, actionable insights.

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CAF workshops are carefully designed and tuned to the specific needs of our community.

Innovation Consulting Home

Innovation Consulting

CAF offers expert consulting, drawing on expertise in corporate innovation strategy, toolkits such as lean startup, design thinking, and instructional design.

Ecosystem Acceleration

CAF develops experiences around major challenges in ecosystems, including regional, industry, and thematic ecosystems.


Read impressions from the CAF Community

Working for CAF is inspiring. I especially like how Diana Joseph expertly designs the CAF experiences. She creates a space for members to actively engage in open and productive discussions. I have witnessed members eager to share their experiences, knowledge, challenges, and goals. I believe CAF has a lot to offer corporate innovators/accelerators, especially those who are just starting that journey, and those who are ready to move to the next level.

Grace Gallardo-Oliver

Grace Gallardo-Oliver

Operations Lead, Corporate Accelerator Forum

Felipe Negritto

Felipe Negritto

The Walt Disney Company

Exceeded my expectations!! Grateful to all of your very valuable and candid insights!

Amanda Cashin

Amanda Cashin

Global Head of Illumina Accelerator

CAF is a powerful network of corporate innovators across many sectors who really roll up our sleeves to help each other solve challenges, navigate corporate norms, expand, and grow.

Alece Birnbach

Alece Birnbach

Graphic Recording Studio

CAF has the most interesting and engaging virtual meetings I’ve ever been involved in.

Mikel Mangold

Mikel Mangold

Innovation Project Manager, Venture Lab, NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE GmbH

All CAF Programs always provide lot of insights from the struggle of others. Seeing what worked or didn’t work is always a game-changer. Even if every corporate innovation initiative should be personalized; there is great value in learning best practices.

I enjoy the unique design thinking approach to brainstorming and constructive discussions that seem impromptu but is in fact carefully orchestrated to solve a problem, build a thesis, or tease out insights. The other distinctive feature of CAF events which keeps me coming back is the openness of attendees to actively engage and share experiences, there is a sense of community and camaraderie which is rare in other such large group settings in my experience.

Hareem Maune

Hareem Maune

Head of Strategic Accelerator, office of the CTO, Applied Materials

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