About Click Fireside Chats



Invitation executive summary, more details below:

Thank you for considering!  If you’re interested, let us know and Grace will reach out to get us started with your headshot photo and logo for the website and social media collateral. 

Looking forward to the next conversation, whatever shape that might take!

What is Click?

Click is a subscription-based program for startup founders who are getting ready to partner with large companies as part of their business strategy.  It comes with a readiness evaluation, weekly group coaching and opportunities to meet with corporates and other stakeholders. 

What are the Fireside Chats?

We investigate the corporate partnership world through conversations with corporate leaders who partner with startups, experts in the open innovation ecosystem, and startup founders who have made corporate partnerships as part of their journey.  Our purpose is to help founders understand what it takes to partner effectively (and these conversations are pretty interesting for open innovation leaders and ecosystem stakeholders as well).

How long does each Fireside Chat last?

We ask our speakers for two hours of their time — the first is a recorded conversation between the speaker and our CEO Diana Joseph, plus Q & A from attendees (who remain anonymous and off camera). The second hour is an informal conversation between the speaker, our partners, subscribers and guests. 

How many people attend?

Usually around 20-30 for the recorded portion, 5-10 for the private discussion.  We’ve had many more when we advertise more broadly, that’s something we’re considering in the future.

When do these conversations take place?

We typically speak with a corporate open innovation leader on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10am Pacific.  On (usually) the 4th Tuesday of each month, we speak with an ecosystem expert or an experienced startup founder. Our dates are flexible, in case you want to join but not on that day or time.

How many conversations have you had so far?

See our speaker page here for the complete list. 

Can I see an example?

Sure! We’re happy to send you a slide deck and link to a session video.  Let us know you’re interested when you throw your name in the hat or email us along the way at info@corporateacceleratorforum.com.

What do I need to do to prepare for my session?

We’ll send you a proposed title and suggested questions about two weeks before the session, and we’ll ask you for a brief dry run within the few days before. Our speakers often provide a slide or two to help describe their company or their work. If you’d like to make a full scale slide deck, you’re welcome to do that — most of our speakers prefer to speak off the cuff, it’s up to you. We want you to have a great time, so let us know how we can support you.

How it Works

Before the session:

  • Please send us a headshot and logo.  As soon as we have them, we’ll post them on the website with a zoom link for the event.
  • Two to three weeks before the event, we’ll send some suggested questions for the conversation, and we can discuss
  • Many speakers prefer a discussion, some prefer something more akin to a presentation with slides. Either way, our team at CAF has a template deck we’ll use for some bookend business at the start and end of the session, and to share notes with our registrants afterwards.  We will ask you to supply any additional slides you’d like to use.
  • We can meet anytime in the 2-3 weeks prior if you’d like any additional support.
  • We’ll do LinkedIn promotions 2 or 3 times and ask you to share, and also send notes to our mailing list.
  • We’ll do a brief dry run the prior day in the official Zoom room
  • We’ll invite you to join 15 min before the session to get comfortable.

During the session:

  • We start the recorded session 5 min after the hour
  • We do some introductory things for about 5 min.
  • We record about 35 min of discussion and about 10 min of Q & A
  • We do some closing things for about 5 min
  • If it works for you, we’d love for you to stick around for a second hour for private, non-recorded discussion with our core folks, including startups, other corporates, my partners at the Peace Innovation Institute and at ORKA.

After the session:

  • We’ll add you to our mailing list so you can join future Fireside Chats (let us know if you prefer not)
  • From time to time we’ll invite you to a non-recorded video conference gathering with all our speakers.
  • We may tag you on a follow-up post about the session, feel free to boost!