The Startup Accelerator for Corporate Partnership

Get your business, your tech and your thinking in line to make corporate deals that make sense!

About the program

Click:  That’s the sound you hear when two well-fitted components interlock just the right way to produce effects more powerful than either could make alone.  It’s the sound you hear in your mind when partners interlock in just the right way.

In a world where infrastructure belongs to large firms, we want to see lots of powerful symbiotic relationships between corporate giants (with all their resources and weight), and nimble startups (with all their speed and lightness).  If you’re a startup who needs the scale and power of a big sibling to bring your brilliance to the world, you know what we’re talking about.

You need to click with corporate partnerships to get things done.  Why is it so hard?  We know exactly why, and we can help you make it happen!


You can learn the hard way through trial and error, or you can learn faster through our membership and save yourself time and pain!

Who should participate?

If you’re a startup founder with an idea of any significant complexity, you probably need a corporate partner — to invest in you, to buy your products or services, to help you access supply chains and channels, to collaborate on scientific research, to advise you, or even just to sell you materials in a way that helps you thrive. Guess what? Large firms need startups too! But even with all the good will in the world, forging a partnership isn’t easy. Big companies need you to be ready before they can dig in, and you need to understand what they expect and what they’re capable of and not. We’ll help you understand what your partners are all about, and we’ll help you prepare so you can land the collaborations you need!

Membership options

Basic package

  • Two sessions per month 
  • Meet startup founders who have been there and will share what they’ve learned the hard way, corporates who will reveal what they’re looking for and what’s going on behind the scenes, and authorities on the mysteries of IP strategy, equity decisions, macroeconomics, and more.
  • Expert-led intimate fireside chats plus your Q & A.  
  • Expert-hosted office hours in multiple time zones
  • Up to 8 hours/month total
  • In & out privileges — join when you need us, take a break when you don’t
Only $200/month. your money back if you cancel in the first 30 days

Club package

All of the above + Accountability groups (one facilitated session/month)

We’ll create non-competitive, time-zone-suitable accountability groups of 5-10 members, with one faculty-facilitated two-hour session per quarter. We’ll help you track & share your progress and get timely feedback. We charge you only when we’ve found a cohort for you.


Just $100 more

Matchmaker package

All of the above + private coaching to deliver exactly what you need, and introductions to corporate partnerships when you're ready

Private coaching: hourly rate by arrangement

We’ll only introduce you if we’re confident there’s a match — and in that case, there’s no additional charge up front! You compensate us with a percentage of any financial component of the deal, if and only if the match works out.


Diana Joseph

CEO Corporate Accelerator Forum | Learning scientist, corporate innovation leader in Silicon Valley

Corentin Cremet

Founder @Orka Fwd | Partnering with companies building better products faster

Margarita Quihuis

Persuasive Tech | Founder | CEO | Peace Innovation | PeaceX


Nathan Horner

CEO Nictavi, LLC | Patent-holding inventor, Artist

Amanda Cashin, PhD

Global Head of Illumina For Startups

Shwen Gwee

VP and Head of Global Digital Strategy at Bristol Myers Squibb

Nikhil B. Gargeya

Strategic Partnerships/Connector, Activate | Decarbonization | CELI Fellow

David Smith

Counsel, Troutman Pepper

Satyam Kantamneni

Managing Partner at UXReactor | Educator | Board Member

Ryan Pletka

Vice President, Innovation and Strategy at Black & Veatch

James Jordan

Strategic Health Care and Life Sciences Consultant | Life Sciences Greenhouse | Health Care Professor, Carnegie Mellon | Former Fortune 20 Executive


Adeel Javaid

Repeat Founder, Chartered IT Professional and Registered Scientist with Science Council UK

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Why join now?

Is it still possible to build a great startup in your garage, a la Jobs & Wozniak? Yes, if you’re B to C, don’t require existing specialized equipment, and have all the expertise you need among the founders. The rest of us, most of us, need an ecosystem to thrive. One key relationship is especially important, and especially hard to tackle: The corporation. If you need large firms as investors, customers, vendors or research partners; if you need large firms to help you access key users, channels or supplies, there are some steps you need to take to get ready. We can help you.

One month is totally free of charge, then only $200/month.

Frequently asked questions

Join us if:

  • You’re a decision-maker for your company.
  • You’re hungry for corporate partnership. For example:
    • You’re in a complex industry that’s highly regulated and you need a partner who can help you navigate.
    • You have tricky science to sort out, so you need a partner with the capacity to run big studies.
    • You need specialized equipment that’s too expensive, or maybe even impossible to access.  You need a partner who can give you free or discounted equipment time.
    • You’re B to C and you need to sell to large firms. 
    • You need components and supplies from big corporates OR
    • There’s some other specialized reason why you need to work with large corporations

You’re welcome to join as a way to explore this question.

Mostly no. This is a paid experience after the first free month, and we’re delighted to have you as a customer. We will certainly let you know if we think we can’t help you, but it’s up to you to decide. Bad behavior is the one reason why we would show you the door — we reserve the right to cancel your subscription and end your access. It’s our option whether to give you warnings and/or feedback first. A healthy community is paramount.

Can’t make our session times for the Basic program? Don’t worry, every session is recorded! Your subscription gives you access to our full library of talks and fireside chats. You’ll have access as long as your subscription continues.
If you’re in a timezone that makes it really difficult to join our community sessions, let us know — if there’s enough interest, we’ll build something for you!
The Club and Premiere programs are customized with your schedule in mind.

We are especially well suited to companies in more complex industries like pharma, advanced materials or life sciences — that’s because corporate-startup partnership is especially valuable in those industries, so we’ve come to know them best. Other industries welcome! If you’re joining our Club program or just coming to community events, we’ll do our best to introduce you to non-competitive founders in the same industry.

You should have an MVP, working prototype or be product ready.  Beyond that, we are stage agnostic because different corporates are looking for different maturity levels. If you’re looking for a big sale or a big corporate investment, you need to be pretty advanced. If you’ve got an idea that stretches the bounds of the possible, you might be interesting to a corporate partner even at an early stage. We’ll help you prepare for the types of partners you need. If you’re joining our Club program, we’ll connect you with other founders at a similar stage, so you’re all interested in similar challenges and opportunities around the same time.

If you’re not B to B, or B to B to C, our program’s not the right one for you. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of accelerators out there who serve tech and service startups that sell directly to customers. You’ll find someone else, and we wish you the best!

Your first month is free.
We’re working our discount plan. In the short run, if you need a discount you can contact us <here> with a specific request (how much you need for how long) and we’ll consider it. We want you to be our customer so that the service relationship is clear.
Typically full scholarships are offered as an inducement when we need expertise from a specific company or community.

Yes. You may end your subscription within the first month at any time.  If you cancel within the first 30 days, you’ll receive a full refund.  If you cancel after the first 30 days, we’ll stop charging you — no invoice the following month. We do not provide pro-rating within a subscription month.

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