Ecosystem Events

Customized Design By Industry or Region

Each ecosystem event is carefully designed to draw together a particular set of stakeholders to address the critical challenges in their space

Expert curation

Stakeholders are selected based on their insight and impact

Crafted to produce actionable insights and real outcomes

 The experience is shaped to expose key contradictions and gaps, co-develop solutions, and attach specific leaders to next steps

Just-right timing

This engaging learning experience is laid out over an appropriate amount of time

Up to 50 participants

Large-group facilitation fosters efficient relationship development, deeply informed multi-stakeholder insights, and many hands to the emerging tasks

Case Study

In addition to our Annual Meeting and our bi-weekly members-only sessions, CAF develops experiences around major challenges in ecosystems, including regional, industry, and thematic ecosystems. Prior examples include the LA Innovation Forum and Bridging the Gap: Materials Giants & Startups.

In the works: Sessions on the – Circular/Transformative Economy, Back Office in Healthcare, Future of Work, Back to Site, Radical Collaboration, Fragile Infrastructure, and Transformational Technology and Systems Thinking, to name a few! CAF also provides regular opportunities for serendipitous encounters through our bi-weekly Water Cooler events, open to all.

Los Angeles Innovation Forum

Los Angeles has everything it needs to be a great life sciences ecosystem: Talent, capital, knowledge. Life sciences leaders from LA asked Diana to bring the CAF model to the region to help connect the dots so that LA can take its place among the great life sciences centers. Together, Diana and event sponsors zeroed in on three key challenges: Promotion (LA is more than Hollywood), Money, and Talent.

Bridging the Gap: Materials Giants and Startups

Materials giants know they need startups to move innovation forward, and startups in this space likewise know they need giants in order to access supply chains, customer chains and manufacturing capacity. So why don’t we see more partnerships? Event sponsors Corning and Eastman worked with Diana to identify the specific obstacles and curate a group of startups who could help shed light on these complex challenges, December 2019. 

Key Benefits of Ecosystem Events

Development of mission-critical relationships

You’ll work side-by-side with leaders in each key role in your ecosystem — you’ll do the heavy lifting together and leave with solid new shared experience and ideas that carry forward beyond the experience

Visible leadership on an urgent and important concern

As a Sponsor, you sit on the leadership team so the experience is crafted to deliver what you need in the most useful form. Your name and logo appear on all session communications, publicity, reports

Expert CAF curation

Design and facilitation for maximum impact

What Participants Are Saying

I just wanted to send a big thank you for giving us an opportunity to participate in a fantastic event. I can say that it was easily one of the most informative and engaging events I've been to. To get such an intimate insight into how corporations view outside innovations was truly invaluable.
Jonathan Tan
CEO & Co-Founder, Coreshell Technologies, Inc.
The value we see from CAF is the interactions with other Corporate Labs and Accelerators especially the open discussions on different types of strategies for interacting, evaluating & accelerating new start-up based technologies.
Lee Boman
Director, Palo Alto Advanced Technology Center, Eastman Chemical Company​

Companies we have worked with

Connect across industries, regions and roles

Meet other innovators

Build ecosystems

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