Innovation Consulting

Tailored offerings based on specific, timely requirements

Each consulting engagement begins with a kickoff interview.  Consulting is bespoke for each client and situation

Unique know-how for corporate innovators and their teams

The CAF team draws on knowledge emerging from our history as CAF, layered over well-established innovation methods, and grounded in principles from the learning sciences

Interactive, engaging format

We address all learning styles and modalities, to make the learning and teamwork as efficient and impactful as possible

Our unique approach

Dr. Diana Joseph offers expert consulting, drawing on expertise in corporate innovation strategy, toolkits such as lean startup, design thinking, and instructional design.

Call on her to facilitate key decision meetings, bring stakeholders together to address critical conversations, curate startups and other open innovation partners, or for executive coaching.

CAF has an extensive network of experts.

Limited consulting hours are available to CAF sponsors at no additional charge.  CAF members may request discounted hours based on membership level.

Key Benfits

Bring key players to the table to identify and solve your innovation challenges

We bring third-party curiosity, expertise and authority that brings the attention of your key stakeholders and shifts the conversation from the conceptual to the practical

Field-tested methods specific to corporate open innovation

Over CAF’s five years in operation, combined with our background in corporate open innovation, we’ve learned from field experience, and we can deliver that experience to your setting

Deeply customized approach

We help you zero in on the open innovation strategies and tactics best suited to your organization’s goals and culture

Case Study

What: A large manufacturing company engaged Diana to kick off an open innovation strategy planning session including between 10 leaders from 4 different innovation stakeholder groups.

Scope: This one-day workshop covered innovation strategy, scenario testing and accelerator design.

Goals: Move beyond the library research phase into active program development and testing.

Audience: Technical, Venture, Finance and Legal.

Results: Crisp vision, mission, strategy, startup selection criteria and metrics for a minimum viable accelerator concept.

What: Activate, a non-profit organization dedicated to the scaling up and impact of scientific research, has hired Diana to improve and bring awareness to a new, simplified partnership method, the Simple Partnership Agreement (SiPA). 

Scope: Over the course of nine months, Activate leader Nikhil Gargeya and Diana are studying the specific processes that companies use to generate contracts. They will use these findings to make the SiPA program even more adoptable.

Goals: Help startups and corporates partner more effectively by starting small.

Audience: Contract agreements are the major obstacle that stops meaningful partnerships from moving forward. Activate is focused on the energy sector. Ultimately we believe that any corporate engaging with startups, or startup engaging with corporates, can benefit from this streamlined approach.

Results: This project is currently underway.

What: The Alliance for SoCal Innovation, a leading ecosystem developer in Southern California, asked Diana to design and host a 50-person workshop for a broad range of stakeholders across the region and across industries.

Scope: Full day program for 50 stakeholders in the regional ecosystem


  • Convene SoCal’s regional leaders to align best practices, external messaging, and delivery of services and resources to harness the collective potential of the region’s innovative assets to make SoCal the next great innovation ecosystem.
  • Unify, Connect and Engage the top leaders who represent the compelling innovation nodes that define the SoCal innovation network.
  • Achieve a collective clarity of purpose, goals, and a coordinated strategy to tackle the shared challenges and opportunities across SoCal.
  • Create and galvanize an ongoing innovation leadership group that can tackle current and future regional hurdles to innovation.

Audience: Approximately 50 innovation leaders from corporations, startups, municipalities, incubators, non-profits, investors and universities.

Results: Action plans and insights captured in a graphical insight deck. After this kickoff, working groups continued to meet and take action in the region based on the relationships and insights that emerged from the event.

What Participants Are Saying

The all day workshop was professionally facilitated by Dr. Diana Joseph, founder of the Corporate Accelerator Forum who is one of those rare souls who “gets ecosystems” and was able to masterfully engage 50 diverse attendees which included founders, corporates, investors, academic/tech transfer, ecosystem organizations, government and others who defy simple categorization.
Alliance for SoCal Innovation
CAF is a place where experienced corporate innovators come to connect with each other, solve challenges, share best practices and support each other.
Amanda Cashin
Global Head of Illumina Accelerator

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