Light Facilitation for CAF Discussion Hosts

Light Facilitation for CAF Discussion Hosts

  1. Tell your story!  Use your 5-10 minute kickoff to share something that really matters to you.

  2. Let the conversation unfold organically —  Your participant’s stories, questions, and ideas are the treasure you’ll bring back to the full group.

  3. Include everyone to make sure all of the treasure emerges. 
a) If nobody’s speaking, don’t worry. Practice “wait time.” — count a slow 5 before you speak next, to create room for a measured thinker to enter the conversation

b) Invite specific people who aren’t jumping in — “Alice, I’d love to hear your perspective on this”

c) Advanced technique:  Invite 3-5 minutes of silence for everyone to jot their thoughts on sticky notes.  Ask the quietest person to share their stickies first.  

d) Advanced technique:  Speedy thinkers sometimes need a reminder to make room.  Use a gentle hand gesture and/or request to create a gap for a more measured thinker. “Diana, just a moment, I see Grace has something to share.”

4. If things ever get uncomfortable, defer to the CAF team:  Diana, Grace, and Alice — we’ll be circulating.