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Increase Your Visibility Among Corporate Innovators

The Corporate Accelerator Forum is crafted for members, by members. CAF sponsors guide, promote and support our programming. Our sponsors are experienced leaders who utilize CAF as a way to make an impact with their hard-earned experience, or who need CAF to shape an industry-level conversation about the most compelling opportunities and thorny challenges they encounter.

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Guide CAF offerings and activities

CAF is by corporate innovators, for corporate innovators — as a Sponsor, your needs shape CAF activities, to the benefit of the whole group

Promote your startup engagement program

We’ll keep an eye out for startups that match your goals, and we’ll help you get your program in front of audiences that matter to you

Gain visibility as a leader in corporate open innovation

Wherever you are on your open innovation journey, you can play a leadership role in the ecosystem through CAF sponsorship

Our Leading Sponsor

Three Types of Sponsorship

Annual Sponsor

Annual Sponsors come from the CAF community. Sponsorships are available at Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels with increasing visibility according to the level. Sponsorships start at $15K and included all benefits of Membership.

You get a seat on the CAF leadership team, and are invited to approve all major CAF activities. The Leadership Team meets at least once per year and has the opportunity to advise throughout the year.

Specific offer for each sponsorship type has been listed on the following page.

Event and Affiliate Sponsor

Major CAF events require special sponsorship. CAF Event sponsorships range from $5K-$20K — multiple sponsors may come together to greenlight a specific event.

  • Event sponsors provide guidance on curation and approve the curated attendance list.
  • Your logo appears on all event materials and on the website.
  • One event sponsor per event may act as Host. When face-to-face events are preferred, the Host may provide in-kind space, meals and other amenities.
  • When a virtual space is preferred, the Host may provide an online space or hire CAF to create a custom online space for an additional fee.

Not a corporate innovator yourself, but interested in this community? We invite ecosystem partners such as law firms, innovation consultants and real estate companies to contribute as affiliate sponsors.

Affiliate Sponsorships range from $5K-$50K

  • You are recognized on all materials and on the CAF website.
  • You may request a presentation opportunity at a CAF event or on a CAF channel.
  • CAF staff will provide recommendations about how best to garner the attention of CAF participants.
  • Certain sessions are limited by curation. Any such limits will be discussed and agreed to before sponsorship arrangements are finalized.
  • Consulting hours may be included on request for certain Affiliate Sponsorship levels.

You get a seat on the CAF leadership team, and are invited to approve all major CAF activities. The Leadership Team meets at least once per year and has the opportunity to advise throughout the year.

Specific offers for each sponsorship type are listed below

Sponsorship type


Seat on leadership team


Key experience sponsorship (Podcast, Ecosystem Event or Workshop Series)

Seat on event design team

Consulting, coaching and workshops


$ 15,000


Logo on all materials, profile on main sponsorship page



3h Executive Coaching/quarter OR 1 team white boarding session/quarter;

10% discount


$ 25,000


+ logo on all events and in regular communication



3h Executive Coaching/quarter AND 1 team white boarding session/quarter;

20 % discount


$ 40,000


+ Launch/ develop/ pioneer a new CAF program (e.g. engagement program, scouting effort, major research project)

Multiple/ All


+ customized support

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