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Edyta.K · March 1, 2021

If you’re an innovator, especially if your work depends on people outside your own organization, you’re facing even more than the usual amount of uncertainty.

The good news is, as an innovator you know there are tools and processes designed precisely for making sense of human needs during uncertain times. The Corporate Accelerator Forum, in collaboration with complex systems expert Dr. Linda Booth Sweeney, has drawn together a key set of these tools, chosen especially for people working in open innovation.

Come together with other innovators to make sense of the landscape from multiple perspectives and move forward with expanded vision!

Workshop 1: Seeking Signals

*Long-Term Thinking in a Pandemic-Changed World (previously recorded, watch on your own time)

Sean Ness of the Institute for the Future peeks around the corner at what might be coming. Exercise your forecasting muscles before you start digging into your own future.

Workshop 2: Reading Signals, Writing Consequences:

This forecasting and scenario planning workshop uses the lessons and tools learned in Long-Term Thinking (see above), applied directly to the signals you see in your organization and industry. Outcome: the Working Group’s perspective on the most likely outcomes from signals in your particular space. Pro Tip — attend our preview session to develop meaningful signals so you’re sure to start with good material!

Workshop 3: Innovation Strategy & Communications:

We build a Boni-Joseph Innovation Dashboard for your open innovation mission and set you up to test and refine it with your internal stakeholders. Get everyone on the same page before you start.

Workshop 4: Metrics & Storytelling

Based on what you and your stakeholders need, decide how you’ll communicate the patterns, lessons learned, and impact of your work.

Workshops 5-7: The Experiment Series

Experiment Selection

What real experiments will you invest your time in, based on your strategy, your predictions, and what’s needed for impact in your specific setting? Identify your lowest-cost, highest return learning opportunities, and your riskiest hypothesis. We’ll walk together through a concrete process and set you up to lead your organization into an uncertain future through systematic investigation.

Experiment Design

Create a specific plan for your first experiment, complete with supplies, resources, dates, and a step-by-step investigation recipe.

Experiment Execution

Share back what you’ve learned so far, and we’ll guide your next steps!

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