Unleashing Startup Innovation: Partnership Strategy for Corporates – Participant’s guidebook

We are eager to welcome you to our online space called Unleashing Startup Innovation, on the Gather.Town platform.  We’re putting the finishing touches on it and will open the doors for exploration a few days before the event. We look forward to showing you around!  

In the short run, you are welcome to play on the platform in our open, public “coffeeshop,” the CAFe. This is always open, and Grace and I are often in the space. Happy to set up time if you’d like a tour! 

We will host an OPTIONAL, VIRTUAL pre-party on Monday morning, December 6 at 9:30 Pacific Time, 12:30 pm Eastern, 6:30 pm CET — this is a great time to meet some of the other participants and get to know the platform.  We’ll offer some organized activities as well as relaxed social time. Drop in any time to explore the space and meet folks!  

Our program, including agendas, sites, hosts and some attendees is available here. We expect a total of 20-30 attendees this year. We’ll begin arriving on Tuesday, December 8, during the 8am hour for relaxed social connection.  The program begins right on time at 9 am PT.  You can look forward to plenty of one-on-one time during breaks throughout the morning, as well as intense collaboration during our structured activities.  The mornings are held under the Chatham House rule — we’ll agree together not to reveal names or employers so you can feel free to tell your stories and share the lessons you learn.

On December 7, after our morning of intense discussion, we’ll meet in person at the Corning Technology Center, 680 West Maude Ave, Sunnyvale, CA  94085, from 2-4 pm, with host Donnell Walton, Director.  Look forward to a tour, innovation stories from a company that has weathered every change the last 170 years has had to offer, and hands-on time with materials! Light refreshments will be served.  

December 8 — exciting location TBD!

On December 9, we close the event with a visit to Illumina Accelerator, 200 Lincoln Centre Drive, Foster City, CA 94404.  Our in-person hosts are Amanda Cashin, Global Head of Illumina for Startups, and Marc Martin Casas, Head of Illumina Accelerator.  We’ll arrive at 3pm for a tour of the Accelerator, some collaborative whiteboarding around topics emerging from the three-day program, and in depth discussion with staff and startup CEOs. Please stay for a sit-down dinner with Marc and Amanda, with wine provided by our wine sponsor, Silicon Valley Bank.  

In general, you will need to pre-register, show proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test result when you arrive at the site, and plan to wear a mask when indoors. Please stay home if you don’t feel well. 

You may also be asked to answer health questions onsite and have your temperature screened.  

Site and county guidelines vary and may change. Please RSVP for each site visit here. We’ll be sure to send you exact details in advance, and keep you apprised of any changes. 

We’ll be visiting sites throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including Foster City and Sunnyvale.  San Jose and San Francisco airports will both work well. The Oakland airport is also possible. Please let us know if you’d like assistance finding a hotel or getting from one place to another.  We’re happy to help!

Please click to download our whitepaper for some shared background on how the event works and on shared language.  You’re also welcome to learn more about the discussion hosts via their social links on the Unleashing Startup Innovation page. Come with your burning questions, challenges, opportunities and stories!

For questions, please contact Grace: grace@corporateacceleratorforum.com

We’ll send you one or two brief reminders before the meeting, with some guidance on how to optimize your Annual Meeting experience. We look forward to seeing you Monday December 6 for the pre-party, and Tuesday December 7 to kick off Unleashing Startup Innovation

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