7 strategic topics

2 hours per workshop

Peer learning 

Practical results from every session

Expert advice and guidance

Our Signature Workshops 

All worskhops are available as a series or separately. In an on-demand format for your organization or in an open enrollment cohort format.

Session 1: Seeking Signals

Session 2: Reading Signals,
Writing Consequences

Session 3: Innovation Strategy & Communications

Session 4: Metrics & Storytelling

Session 5: Experiment Selection

Session 6: Experiment Design

Session 7: Experiment Execution

Forum Members know what they need to think about together to move forward. We create 2-hour and half-day workshops so Members and visitors can address these questions together.  Our next workshop is: Back to the Office!  

The Uncertainty Series:  Welcome to the New World, 101

If you’re an innovator, especially if your work depends on people outside your own organization, you’ve been facing even more than the usual amount of uncertainty in the last year or so.

The good news is, as an innovator you know there are tools and processes designed precisely for making sense of human needs during uncertain times. The Corporate Accelerator Forum, in collaboration with complex systems expert Dr. Linda Booth Sweeney, has drawn together a key set of these tools, chosen especially for people working in open innovation.  This series is free for Members and available for a fee to others.   

You’ll have a clear strategic framework, tested and customized with your internal stakeholders. By the end of session 7, you’ll have completed the first phase of an experiment, complete with lessons learned, framed the way your stakeholders receive them most effectively. 

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Key Benefits

Impactful, efficient, just-in time learning

Hands-on experiences developed by a learning scientist

Content you need, and content you didn’t know you need

Workshop themes are drawn from the trickiest elements of on-the-ground open innovation practice, and addressed through both well-known tools and custom CAF tools

(Premium) Selected non-competitive cohort

We bring together open innovators from different contexts to attack their toughest open innovation challenges in concert

What Participants Are Saying

Discovered expectations for deliverables between startups and strategics are surprisingly well aligned ... Facilitation was deft and seamless, both guiding exercises and the behind the scenes support.
Advanced Materials Giant
The workshops and various meetings are all done with a unique methodology that creates an interactive & immersive experience to the members and attendees. The CAF creates a safe environment to share and openly discuss all aspects of technology acceleration from not just the corporate side, but the start-up perspective also. The high quality and easily accessible CAF staff for consulting on everything from accelerator strategy to personal coaching has been of great value.
Lee Boman
Director, Palo Alto Advanced Technology Center, Eastman Chemical Company​
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